Frequently Asked Questions
We have created this guide to help you to get up and running.
Margin funding is the practice of lending your coins to other investors to trade with in return for interest on the amount borrowed. This helps the trader leverage their own equity in order to generate higher returns.

For example: A trader has 1 BTC but feels the market is likely to move higher so 'borrows' another 4 BTC from margin funding investors giving him 5 BTC to trade with. This helps the investor earn interest on the loan and helps increase the trader's return on his investment.
If a trader borrows coins expecting the price to rise but the market takes a turn and drops then the exchange will automatically close out the traders position at a set point before any borrowings are lost. Once a trader's position is liquidated all borrowed coins are returned to their owners, complete with interest payments.
The iSpace trading bot runs on the Bitfinex exchange. Any user of Bitfinex is able to manually offer funding loans at any time.

By using our bot you can let us do all the work for you. Our bot uses a custom algorithm to try and achieve the best possible interest rates for you based on both historical and current market data and conditions. It will also try to get you a longer loan term if a particularly good rate is achieved (though the maximum length of a loan is configurable by you).
Our fee is a simple 10% of any loan interest earned so it is in our interest to ensure that you earn as much as possible.

Fees are applied daily once your interest has been credited to your account.
When our 10% fee's are calculated they are immediately converted to Satoshis (₿0.00000001) at the exchange's current rate and then charged to your account. Your account will be given a small credit limit to get you started but this should be topped up with purchases of Satoshis otherwise our bot will immediately stop monitoring your account once your limit is used up.
We accept a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies by using payment processor CoinPayments/Paypal.
Email [email protected] for any help, advice or issues