Getting Started Guide
Click here to register for an account on iSpace
Click here to register on Bitfinex.

Once you have logged into your account you can despoit coins to your funding wallets by clicking the Desposit option on the top right menu:

Next choose the coin you wish to deposit:

Finally, send your coins to the wallet address listed under Funding Wallet:

Select API from the top right user settings menu:

Choose to Create New Key and select the limited access privileges as follows:

Check your email account for comfirmation of API Key creation and click 'CREATE API KEY'. Now you will be shown your API Key, make a note of it because if you leave the screen it cannot be re-displayed and you will need them for the next step:

Login to your iSpace account and click here to go to the API Key page

Now enter the API Key details from the previous step and click Save API Key:

Your iSpace account is now linked to your BitFinex account.
From the iSpace user dashboard, select a coin to configure.

At the foot of the coin detail page you will find the configuration box:

Lending Enabled - switch this to Yes to let our bot control this coin otherwise it will be ignored.
Loan Size - lets you control the size of the loans you offer. Can be used to stop the creation of a large amount of small loans if required.
Maximum Loan Period - longer loan periods are used for prefential loan rates but shorter periods allow for better liquidity.
Reserve Amount - stops a portion of your coins from being loaned out.
Rising Stop Price - disables lending for this coin if the specified price is reached.
Falling Stop Price - disables lending for this coin if the price drops below the specified price.

Satoshis are used to pay any fee's incurred for using our bot. These are currently 10% of any loan interest generated. Though we give you a small credit limit of Satoshis to start off with, you will need to purchase more to keep everything running smoothly.

Satoshis can be purchased on the 'Pay Fees' page.